Go the Whole Way.  

the method

Deep down, we all know that modern business could be better.  We know that humanity has the creative capacity to innovate our way through the unique challenges of our time.  Why?  Because every generation has. 

Or, at least they've met them well enough to keep the game going.  But as the modern world is showing us, the game cannot keep going the way it has been.  We can't consume and pollute at the levels we have.  We can't ignore science and hope for miracles.  We must 

An old mentor of mine--a futurist and a self-avowed wizard--often told me that there are


Everyone whose paying attention can see that humanity's current path is not sustainable.  As a civilization, we must change our trajectory and do so quickly.  So what can conscious creators, entrepreneurs, and companies do?   

They can get crystal clear on who they are, why they exist, and how they wish to serve  human civilization and well-being in the 21st century. 

Getting clear on who we are, why we exist, and how we wish to serve is not as easy as it might sound.  A great deal of falseness and inauthenticity can enter at various levels of an enterprise, effectively dereasing the power and resonance 

The Holsym Method offers a way to address the common culprits that arise across four key dimensions of human enterprise so we can step into greater, more authentic forms of service and improve institutional fidelity.   

if you are ready to embody a new standard, to change the world, be the change, I will help you 

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self | story | symbol | system

When I work with corporate clients, my work focuses on four distinct levels.  And not every level is necessary for every client.   


is behind it

why they're doing it

what they're building

and the impact it has on the world

are all interrelated.  and we cannot ignore them or gloss over them or falsify them in the age of awareness

The Hol Way is a new approach to building briliant businesses from the inside-out.  


While it's designed with corporations in mind, 

It's for visionary leaders, conscious challengers, and established entities ready to step into deeper levels of service to human civilization. 

Humanity is capable of incredible feats and ingenuity. And capitalism, as an economic system, has proven to be quite effective at unlocking our innovative spirit and fostering competition. 

One of my favorite thinkers of our current era--Daniel Schmactenberger--points that that the typical rivalrous market dynamics don't necessarily create the best product.  The example he uses is a car.  


If all teh car companies in the world decided to pool their intelligence and resources, we could all be driving state of the art machines.  

Part of the reason why we share the Holsym Method publicly is because, it would be counter to our mission to create a wall. 

 platform And we  could be so brillant and ingenious if we wanted to be.  But the desire is often not there.  It's stifled by being realistic or 

SELF  - Self is about WHO leads and drives your company forward from within.  It's about who makes up your company and more importantly, WHY they're there.  Do all the players really share the same vision?  Is the team truly aligned?  

STORY - Story is about the narrative of the company/creation. This is the WHAT you stand for in the minds of your audience

SYMBOL - SYMBOL is about HOW you impact the world.  

SYSTEM - System is 

Now at all these stages of the process, there are opportunities to fall out of integrity and so to dull the power of your company.  If you have a disingenuous leader and disinterested iemployees then you 

self  |  vision & alignment

story  |  integrity & embodiment 

symbol  |  service & society

system  |  civilization & consciousness

When we anchor ourselves in not just our personal bottom line but the big picture our decision-making changes.  We realize we have no desire to contribute to anything that doesn't safeguard the health and happiness of our world. 

This means we need leaders at the top who embody a new consciousness, and a new awareness that capitalism as it currently stands can't stand much longer. 

ready to go the


I started Holsym because I believe we need a new mentality not only inside modern business but about business period.  Modern business is key culpri , we are exhausting our natural environment and burning out everyone in it.  This is not sustainable.  . 


As I see it, the best way to address the flaws of our current system is to help modern companies embody a new One that sees the world as one whole and seeks .  

Having worked for the big guys my whole career, now I want to work for the big ideas that create a more 



As we seek greater integrity in our lives, we eventually start to look more closely at the impact our work has in the world,


Marketing and advertising have traditionally taught that we should airbrush out all imperfection to make our product acceptable.  

At the core of our philosophy is the belief that the world is hungry for truth. We want to solve problems.  We want to be part of a solution.  And we need more people who lead us toward that solution.  

Embracing Transparency (and Humanity)

The mistake big companies make again and again is thinking people want them to be perfect.  In truth, all people really want is for companies to be who they are and shoot straight.  That way we know what we're getting and we're not surprised.  

The Fear of 

Really?  Come on.  Look around you.  Modern technology is opening kimonos left and right.  Skeletons are practically leaping out of closets.  Facebook is leaking data.  Even the credit agencies can't keep our financial information secure.  Do you think people aren't going to figure out who you are?  Seemingly every day a new scandal comes out exposing large companies for their illicit 

You've got nowhere to hide! And the longer you think you can hide, the sooner you'll be out of business.  

Corporate Social Responsibility has largely been approached as a "feature" of a company rather than an integral part of it's DNA.  Through our thoughtware development discipline, we help companies go beyond optics and starting putting service at the center of their mission 

Is Holistic Consulting for my company? 

Holistic consulting is for any organization that is sensing the profound shift underway in the world that human consciousness and consumption patterns.  interconnectedness of the world and the impact their work has one it.  

Let's consider the example the meat industry.  There is growing evidence is now showing that meat-based diets are bad for human longevity.  It's also unanimous in confirming that meat production is also incredibly taxing on the physical environment.  And

Companies like Beyond Meat are exploding because they've seen the writing on the wall and acted in alignment it.  Increasingly well-informed consumers now feel good buying Consumers shifting consumption patterns