the human fuel  

Identity is not just an individual thing.  Identity is a human thing.  Identity is what binds us all together as human beings alive in the 21st Century. 

 We humans find all levels of identity to take on.  We identify with sports teams, communities, and nations.  We identify with the companies we work for, the jobs we have, and the brands we buy. Without some semblance of identity—be they your team’s colors, your nation’s flag, your religion’s symbol, or your favorite brand’s logo—the world would seem like one big undifferentiated mass. 

Clearly our world isn't going to stop running on identity any time soon. But the least we can do is

As The I Model attempts to show, all these superficial differences between us are nothing compared to what unites us.  The challenge in seeing this is that it the "proof" lies within us, and most of our eyes are glued externally.  


It's hidden beneath the surface of life, discoverable for all who seek it honestly. 

But rather than banish our dynamic identities upon realizing this truth, the key is to learn to hold lightly to our identities—to not let our dynamic expression as individuals (or countries or religions) become so rigid that we forget our common humanity.  Life is way more fun for all when we remember this truth.


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Mark Joyner “irresistible offer”

What is this? 

How much will it cost?

What's in it for me?

Why should I believe you?



intentional brand


intentional brand