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Put Wisdom to Work 

When historians write about the 21st Century, I believe the story will be a beautiful one.  They'll write about the growing crisis of climate change and other global challenges finally helped humanity wake up to a fact which  shared destiny. 

They'll also write about how companies and organizations that once only cared about their bottom lines and stock prices woke up to the reality that if they did not align their businesses to confront these global challenges then there would be no business to build at all.   

Business only exists because there are human beings that support that business.  

Moreover, I believe historians will recall how capitalism, once criticized for its excesses and disregard for human life, evolved and grew into something more conscious. Something that not only put people above profit but that refused to let the health of the world about the 

Specifically, I believe they'll write about those companies that lead the way.  The ones that saw the writing on the wall and got to work on solutions before the market demanded it.  

Most of us can see that we must think bigger now if address our current challenges.  But no one wants to go first.  

A Virtuous Cycle.

A Circular Economy.

A Whole Civilization.

The Opportunity

Modern corporations have an opportunity to serve something larger. 

They have an opportunity to commit courageously to a new course that puts our planet on a path of sustainability, regeneration. 

Those companies that seize on the moment to fight for our future 

are the only companies that have one. 

courageous corporations.

conscious challenger brands.

ZBM - Thoughtware

the human value function related to the system/thoughtware part of the holsym method?  




Business models that do not take into account the well-being of the physical world and humanity at large are not sustainable business models.  


According to the top scientific body studying climate change, we have only ten years to get global warming in check.  A call has gone out for “unprecedented” action to be taken to cut carbon emissions over the next decade.  REMEMBER THE WHOLE


Everywhere we look, technology is transforming our world.  Whether it's search engines mapping the world's information, social media filtering and aggregating our dialogue, or new powerful targeting tools empowering companies to reach consumers wherever their attention goes, we're entering wild new territory

I founded Immersionautics because I believe that the rapid advance of technology demands a rapid transformation of consciousness to go with it.  After all, if technology is going to dramatically re-pattern the collective consciousness then we must keep human well-being front and center.


 human awareness and so to dramatically alter the course of civilization.  The challenge is that human consciousness lags behind this technology.

What is the proper use of this technology?  How should we u

Put simply, we've got more technological power than ever before, and we've entered a period where the thoughtful use of such tools will be


capitalism's capacity for innovation must now be infused with a new consciousness that not only see a bigger picture, but embraces a broader Whole. 

symbiotic whole

internalize externalities

Boomers equate working hard with success, and success with having stuff.  This has been beaten into our collective consciousness because of consumer culture’s grip on our collective identity. 


The end of endless growth and the illusion of consumption disguised as progress. 

the human value function is a 

"It's time to redefine

the bottom line." 

Dr. Zach McKinney

language as vessel of meaning.

meaning as force of connection.   ZBM

Our Philosophy

The end of endless growth and the illusion of consumption disguised as progress. 

Progress is moving from a self-terminating system to a self-enriching one.  

Since 2012, the amount of time we spend watching video on our phones has exploded from a mere six minutes per day to close to 70 minutes, according to market research firm eMarketer.

By now, we all understand that big global issues demand big solutions.  And what I believe is that we need a whole new philosophy one that transcends the usual capitalist agenda of profit and loss.


They demand we, both as individuals or organizations, brands or institutions, learn to see beyond our self-interest to serve something larger, and set an example. 

From a purely social perspective, consumers are hungry for a more conscious version of capitalism.  They're hungry to support companies that do well by doing good in the world.   

But on a deeper level, I believe modern civilization demands a whole a whole new kind of approach to business, culture, systems-level thinking, human identity, and behavior.  


Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, we have an opportunity to change the world and serve the broader whole.