The Hol Way is part manifesto part white-paper that explains the Hol Way in greater depth.  It's about how spirituality, creativity, and business must go hand in hand to help us solve the spiritual and business challenges of our era and move toward conscious capitalism.  

is the holsym method a business model

and the hol way is a lifestyle manifesto? 

Increasingly, the world's leading companies are realizing that business-as-usual doesn't work anymore.  Whether it's the climate crisis, the resopnse to teh Corona Virus, or _____, leaders are recognizing that if they don't step into deeper levels of service to the world, someone else will.

What started with corporate social responsibility programs has now spawned brand citizenship efforts inside forward-thinking companies and agencies.  But I created Holsym because I think these approaches are inadequte adn taht something more fundamental is needed at the level of leadership, the colelctive intelligence of the workforce, and the sacred relationship between not simply company and consumer, but co-creators.