Whether I am meeting with individuals or organizations, my central focus is on helping others gain awareness of the mind's automatic qualities.  From here, we move to a deeper exploration of the mind's reactivity and fear and all the limits to creative expression in our work and our lives.

To accomplish this, I blends insights, teachings, and best practices from a variety of disciplines, philosophies, and traditions, including: 

• Daoism

• Mindfulness

• Self Enquiry

• Zen Buddhism

• Integral Theory

• Qigong & Chinese Medicine

• Non Violent Communication 

• Holotropic Breathwork

• Peak and Flow States

• Jungian Psychology

• Psychonautics 

• C.G. Jung

• Jiddu Krishnamurti

• Ramana Maharshi

• Ken Wilber 

• Seth Godin

• Alan Watts

• Eckhart Tolle

• Joseph Campbell

• Terence McKenna

• Charles Eisenstein