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“The Crash Course brings self-exploration to a community setting. You will explore ideas that are at the base of our identities and reflect on how you perceive yourself in the world. If you are curious about how you unconsciously react to situations, and about ways to interpret and learn from those reactions, then the Crash Course is a great place to start. It’s a time and place to breathe, reflect and renew. You will learn how to better accept the world as you are immersed in it, calm your racing mind, and meet some new friends along the way. It’s a welcome respite from a world of distraction and overstimulation.”  

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"Want a new, liberating perspective on your life? Clancey's got you covered. His passion, curiosity and downright charming aura makes him the ideal guide to help you explore your mind and the universe.

financial advisor

“What I loved was how every exercise and experience demonstrated that we are not the mind. Very healing stuff.” 

advertising executive

For me personally, it has improved the way I perceive and experience life. I think we all need an outlet to understand and explore the inner workings of our mind, the parts of ourselves that most of us don't often confront. Immersioneer provides an accessible, genuine platform for people to do that.

I think anyone who engages in Immersioneer will inevitably evolve because of it.