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Below you'll find a quick snapshot of my current work and creative projects.


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Wholsym Consulting

In 2021, I launched Wholsym to help mindful enterprises unearth clarity in their vision and resonance in their storytelling. 

To learn more, explore Wholsym


In 2017, I began to sense that public dialogue was breaking down due to the increasing role of digital technology in our lives. So, I founded Immersioneer to create a place where we could speak openly and make sense of our rapidly changing world together.

To learn more, explore Immersioneer

Readings & Translations

In the depths of the pandemic with folks isolated at home, I figured it might be useful to read from a few of my favorite texts and offer some light translation.

To learn more, explore readings.  

The I Project

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The Immersioneer Project (The I Project) is a podcast that I began recording in 2018 to explore themes of human identity and self-discovery. It includes conversations with mental health professionals, scientists, technologists, and activists as well as performances from musical artists. 

While the podcast is currently on hiatus, I hope you enjoy the 20+ episodes recorded to date. 

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show description

With the arrival of smartphones and social media, we were told that the world was becoming more connected. But as mental health declines while our digital addictions grow, it's clear that something human has been lost in the shuffle. On The I Project, we dive into the roots of this disconnection and explore new ways of thinking, seeing, and being. 

finding founders

Recently, I had a conversation with Samuel Donner of the Finding Founders podcast who wanted to chat about how psychedelics can change our perspectives for the better. We also talk a bit about Wholsym too.  :)

Give it a listen if you're curious.