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No, it's not just you. 

The world is changing fast. Whether it's the environment or the economy, politics or public dialogue, it seems like everything is getting pushed to its breaking point. Our personal sanity included.  

We all know this isn't sustainable, but we don't quite know what to do about it.  In the past, our ancestors would circle the wagons to agree on the best path forward, but now that we've drifted so far into our private digital worlds this has become more difficult.  We’re so addicted to our technology and the endless stream of distraction it delivers that we’ve allowed human communication to break down and be reduced to tweets, memes, likes, and pixels.  

If we're serious about improving human relationship in the modern age, then it’s time to put our smartphones down and restore immediacy to human dialogue. It’s time to close all those windows, search engines, apps, and feeds—and come together to restore fidelity and depth to human communication.

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Individual perspectives.  

Collective Intelligence.  

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