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Meditation and mindfulness are powerful tools to help us navigate modern life, but sometimes it helps to have someone show us how the tools work.   

Clancey offers the 'everyman/woman' approach to consciousness, awareness, and connectedness. He's a wonderful teacher.

Lauren Carr

Whether you're beginning a meditation practice, exploring mindfulness, or scratching your philosophical side, sometimes it helps to work with someone who knows the territory. 

Through my private sessions, I teach my clients mindfulness fundamentals through a mixture of Socratic dialogue, guided meditation, thought experiments, and simple exercises. 

To schedule a session, please get in touch  

For those that are ready, the journey inward can be uncomfortable and confusing at times. If you don’t have the right tools it can also be frustrating. Having someone like Clancey to work with makes the journey vastly easier to navigate and understand.

Dr. Penn Allen

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