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The modern age is teaching us that we can't afford to be mindless anymore. While the growing complexity and distraction of our time make us wish to tune out, the task before us is to do the exact opposite and tune in.  It's to come together and learn how to see more broadly and develop deeper understanding of how our world actually works.    

As I've learned in my own life, there are two main avenues by which we each of us.  The first is the inward path of mindfulness, introspection, and meditation.  This is foundational work that gives each of us first-hand knowledge of how the mind works and how our individual sense of self 

We need to start not only paying attention but deepening our awareness. 

As organizations, we need to commit ourselves to bolder and bigger visions.  We need to see the whole picture and acknowledge the role we play in the world extends beyond.

From where I'm sitting, the scale of the challenges before us are too great to bring anything but our greatest brilliance. And since we are a social species, we must to find ways to unlock our brilliance together. 

Inward. Onward.


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What's in a word? 

As the Post-Information Age is teaching us, words have incredible power.  The lines between truth and falsehood are constantly being blurred, forcing us to look closer, deeper, and more thoughtfully.  We're being challenged to discover greater truths and common ground that runs deep.

immerse: verb 

to dive in, to become deeply involved in something

amidst so much growing complexity, it is easy to check out.  but if there is an opposite for checking out, it's immersing ourselves completely in what's happening right now.

dive in.

mix things up.

discover something new.

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