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The Way Forward.

If there’s one overarching feeling that seems to permeate our world today it is a feeling of overwhelm.  Whether it’s the endless stream of information through our smartphones, the shiny projected lives of social media, or the polarization of modern politics, everything feels quite overwhelming.  

For some of us, the overwhelm spurs us to try and “catch up” with the crowd.  It’s to move faster and faster and try to keep pace with the crowd.  Because we fear being left behind, we chase after

As our world grows more complex, the most powerful thing we can do for ourselves (and the world) is to reclaim our awareness.


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"How do we face the growing complexity of our time?" 

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While the challenges before us are increasingly complex the path to uncovering those solutions is relatively clear. It's just that the solutions go against our conditioned habits.

It's to care enough to pay more attention, not less.  It's to tune in.  

It's to pour curiosity on life's complexity and then, to collaborate with others about it, to learn how to communicate more effectively about it. 


Of course, we must bring this energy at every level of our experience.  We must expand our capacity for confusion by deepening in compassion for ourselves and one another.  

In other words, we need to embrace our shared confusion. We must follow our curiosity.  Embrace a spirit of exploration and learn how to talk about things that are confusing and demand compassionate, creative, collaborative exploration. And we must learn to do this at an individual, collective, and system level. 

At the individual, we must learn how to see beyond ourselves.  We must learn how to not take things personally and instead 

ll we have to bring greater levels of curiosity to new levels of complexity and then bring compassion to our confusion.  We must learn patience for the process that is human evolution and yes, human awakening.   

We must embrace curiosity and dive headfirst into complexity.  And we must do this not only in our outer world but in our inner world too.  Because these dimensions of experience, while distinct, are not separate.  Our innermost beliefs and our most deeply conditioned habits lend just as much momentum to the way things are

  And in the process, ngs must learn how to communicate more effectively.  Simply put, the better we are at connecting with one another, the sooner we remember that we're in this life together and to begin thinking beyond our separate selves.  Counterintuitive though it may be for our conditioned way of thinking which 

The polarization of our time is unsustainable not just because it's uncomfortable but because we have entered a period where mass human coordination and collaboration are essential to our survival and ongoing evolution.

Sure, right now it seems like a lot is broken, but that means we have must be met at three distinct levels:  the individual, the collective, and the system. 

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of growing complexity

Meeting the challenge

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& Capitalism

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