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Believing in your Self.


Fear.  It's definitely been my greatest hesitation for me in sharing more of my own work in the world, has been, in a word, fear.  And a lurking sense of inadequacy too.  The fear of being seen (and so judged).  

And that is the fear of being truly seen in this world. Growing up, you learn quickly that the world is full of judgment.  You learn also that there is a certain way to be in this world.  

But this is not about being sold something necessarily.  It's just that it seeped into us invisibly--pouring into our senses.  

The other thing about fear is that it is addictive.  Many of our mass media news outlets know this quite well.  And so do certain orange-tinted politicians.  Fear grabs our attention because our survival instinct tends to supersede all others.  

But fear is only useful for so long.  It gets old.  We get bored with it.  We thank it kindly for fueling us this far, but now we start to wean ourselves as rapidly as possible from those polluting fossil fuels.  

Ultimately, you realize it's useful for animating something primal within us, but it's something we must harness like a fierce billow of wind.  

Intellectually, we realize that to cow to fear is to feed more fear.  It is to make fear our prime reality.  

understanding of the world has become quite fixed.  

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