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When I left the marketing and advertising industry, I had no intention of ever coming back. 

After tours of duty with the leading firms spanning digital, traditional, and entertainment marketing, I figured I'd done my due diligence. I'd seen the culture-shaping industry from every angle and learned from some of best minds.

But after a decade in the game I knew something was missing. Underneath my professional dissatisfaction there lurked something larger than just career dissatisfaction.  Throw in my growing concern about the effects of consumer culture on both the individual and the environment, and there seemed to be no good reason to stay.  

When I finally left the industry, my explorations into psychology, philosophy, and spirituality ultimately led me to see that what we call "culture" is really just a psychological field where we do battle with ideas and narratives and there's no getting around it.  There's only going deeper into it to understand the nuance of how it operates, how movements are built, and how certain ideas, stories, and organizations rise to the forefront. 

Self, Story, Symbol.   

Now I work for the big ideas.

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