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Go the Whole Way.

target: small to mid-size brands seeking blue chip agency expertise to tell their TRUE STORY.

Joe - Indigo Room

Schuyler - Positive Foods

Nick - Roam Tents

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I used to work for the big guys.

Now I work for the big ideas. 

Modern brands don't have to be empty symbols.

They can become something much more. 

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The challenge modern corporations and brands face is to serve something larger, and not do it just for show.  To make an impact, and not just for optics.  To make investments, and not solely for profits.  

The modern

The modern brand must do it for real.  And you must do it now.  

Why now? 

because the world is one big interconected being. And what you make, sends ripples through the world.  If you're only interested in looking good, but not actually being good, you're not going to last.  It's the real deals that will up their games, step into deeper service, and in the process turn consumer culture from humanity's eating problem into a living embodiment of our culture's deepest values.  

Having done tours through the world's best agencies and the world's great wisdom traditions, transformations of consciousness and not the kind advertising excels in  

storytelling for the Self-aware businesses

To be clear, Self-aware doesn't mean self-absorbed.  A Self-aware business is aware of their place in the larger context of civilization.  

want to make half-measures? I'm not your guy. 

Go the Whole Way.

Surely there had to be something more important than getting Millennials to buy

your specific brand of beer, car, smartphone, or new burger. 

Wanting no part in the mindlessness of consumer culture, I spent the following years

studying its polar opposite.  I immersed myself in mindfulness, meditation, the

great wisdom traditions of the East, Western psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

What I've ultimatley come to see is that the world is a creative stage.  And what grows on the world's stage does so because it finds a way to cut through the clutter. 

While we may fall for imposters here and there, in the long run the truth wins.  All the more reason to start telling yours.  

Step 1 - discover truth.

Step 2 - share truth.

Step 3 - repeat

These days, the hunger for truth is higher than it's ever been.  The post-information age has poured so much unverified information into our awareness, that we cant' help but thirst for something solid, trusted, and True. 


And consumer culture has an opportunity to stop being ithe laughing stock of  of modern society (yes, I'm shaming you...I promise it's for a good reason) and 

And while consumer brands should never be symbols of worship, the human ideals they stand for should.  The world they seek to create should.  

Through my True Brand practice, I help innovators make impact. 

Telling a true story is the price of entry for businesses in the post-information age.  It basically means:  SHOW UP.  

part of the reason why consumer culture has become so gross is that the symbols mean nothing. How often is the true engine of business it's fire, it's passion...


I suppose that's because companies may start as one person's vision, but then they take on new life as new people bring their talents to them.  



Serve something

bigger than the bottom line.

A whole business and a beautiful bottom line. 

Whole Symbols.

The truth eventually comes out.

Sooner you own it, the better.

Are you seeking to make the world Whole? 
Then let me help you.  

But I don't want to be myself!

Really?  Come on.  Look around you.  Modern technology is opening kimonos left and right.  Skeletons are practically leaping out of closets.  Facebook is leaking data.  Equifax can't keep our financial information secure.  What does all this mean?  It means that there's nowhere to hide! Your cookies will reveal all.  Beat the identity thieves at their own game. 


Out your self.  Live like the world already knows all your weird.  If for no other reason, do it because it makes life a whole lot more enjoyable. 

So you better get to work being what you were born to be.  

In an individual life, we know what authenticity feels like.  But for some reasonn, authenticity gets bungled when we try to package it up and sell it.  And that's because authenticity cannot be sold.  

So then what is the point of brand story-telling.  What is the point of creating whole symbols.

Slow is smooth.

Smooth is fast

Whole Symbols



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