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discover (for) your Self

Have you ever sat down, by your self, and done absolutely Nothing.  I mean just really sat there and focused on doing nothing.  Not even thinking.  Just sitting there with the intention of getting utterly and completely still.  


Most of our daily lives push us to move so fast that this sounds perfectly insane.  We’ve been pushed so fast by society and all its that we forget stillness is an option.  Even 10 minutes to meditate seems too much.  

We seem to equate stillness with getting run over.  We believe it essential to keep moving.  


And while on one level it is essential to keep moving, it is also essential to bring more stillness into our life.  Especially in our current day, with all its growing complexity and the digital deluge drowning human awareness, it is essential


The first step is to start reclaiming your Awareness from the distractions of the world.  This can be as simple as turning off your phone or (gasp) leaving it at home.  


To make time to pause time.  To do nothing more than breathe.  


[Perhaps these words can be the last words you read on a screen today.] 


And even better, to find stillness in motion.  


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