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Then there is no fear of life, of the movement of life. You know what a movement is? A movement has no end and no beginning, and therefore the movement in itself is beauty, the glory...So life is this movement

- Krishnamurti

The I Model & Non-Duality

Unlike many maps and models that drop us off cleanly at a final destination or a final answer, The I Model acknowledges that life is an unfolding mystery.  It acknowledges that we are all permanently in movement and so in flux, and yet also always right here.  In this sense, there is no "goal" or destination unless that destination is here and now (aka Presence).  And we are all 

Peering Beyond Division

Amidst all the conflict we perceive in our outer world, many of us often wonder if there's any way through all this tension and conflict.


Surely with so many big problems to solve, we feel a greater urgency than usual to do our part, to contribute, and to do our part to evolve this civilzation of ours.


And here it is very helpful to look at the body of work left behind by our ancestors.  Human beings who human'd before we did.  


Across cultures and across time, our species' greatest wisdom has been constant throughout time. And it's that wisdom I believe

we must now re-discover 


And what do they all point toward?


They are unanimously point toward a psychological transformation happening within individuals

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