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Look out for your Self

target: big tech companies seeking to take greater responsibilty for their influence on the collective consciousness, businesses seeking to make a more positive impact in the broader world.  

Our current path is not sustainable.  The companies that figure out how to bring about a sustainable future are the only companies that will have one.  

hisotry will not judge laggards kindly.  But then again, companies who are not thinking about sustainability will not survive. 

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Let's be honest.  Most brands and businesses are in it for themselves.  While many embrace corporate social responsibility as a marketing tactic, it's not really integral to their business.  They don't really walk the walk. 

And in their defense they haven't had to.  The public hasn't demanded it yet.  But these days, all the supposed divisions between our interests and that of the world are getting harder to see. For a long time, we could insist that what's in my best interest doesn't really have anything to do with what's in your best interest.  

Telling a true story is step number one for breaking through admist the fragmentation of modern media landscape.  The lesson is simple.  To stand out, stand on your own two feet.  Be who you are before we discover otherwise.  

. Especially in an age when integrity seems to be under assault, the world ils hungry for us to be fully ourselves.  

When we go the whole way, we hold nothing back.  And by virtue of holding nothing back, we embody our deepest essence effortlessly

This, it turns out, is what the world wants from us.  

Hint:  It wants the real thing.  It wants the Whole Thing.  

This is as true of individuals as it is of companies.  If we wish to show up fully in our lives and our work, then we can't leave anything out.  We can't go half way.  

We must go the Whole Way.  

Going the Whole way means thinking about the whole process of your business.  Of every touchpoint, of every exchange that takes place between YOU and the world.  

Now the problem begins to crystallize.  For what chance does an individual have to realize wholeness if he is constantly told by an endless sea of screens that he can be made full through the consumption and acquisition of stuff.  

In such a position, most human beings fall into the conditioned pattern.  They become consumers.  And for the most part what they consume from brands are the desired image it confers upon them (in their perception of the collective consciousness.  

What this does is 

Put Wisdom to Work.


We're living in a period where the power of growing corporate power.  We also live in a time where technology's capacity to move the collective mind is massive.  Put these two facts together, and the importance of having a conscious corporate culture becomes essential. 


At present, the capacity of our technology is greater than our consciousness around it.  As recent events are proof, we must infuse a new consciousness into the modern technology corporation if we wish to realize technology's full potential in advancing human civilization.


We're living in a period where the power of technology to move the collective mind is massive.  At present, the capacity of our technology is greater than our consciousness around it.  As recent events are proof, we must infuse a new consciousness into the modern technology corporation if we wish to realize technology's full potential in advancing human civilization.

Wholeness:  The Business Model.

And while consumer brands should never be symbols of worship, the human ideals they stand for should.  The world they seek to create should.  In fact, it must.  

The greater the consciousness of the company, the greater the impact it can have on collective intelligence and culture.

All the more reason to make WISDOM the centerpeice of oiur business, and WHOLENESS our busienss model.  We 

Serving beyond the story

"We are breaking free of the illusion that one can be made FULL through the acquisition

and consumption of stuff."

The scare resource is human social natural capital.  

And so those companies... that can better address and think more deeply about environmental and social goals and needs... that’s going to be where the break-out returns are over the next twenty years.  


-Jeff Ubben ValueAct Capital

Integrity can't be hired. (fb ref)

As we've seen, modern technology companies have not anticipated the tremendous effect of their technology on the collective consciousness.  In large part this is because the underlying intention of these platforms is not entirely transparent (or perhaps understood by the companies themselves.  

If a company is in the business of corralling human consciousness, in any way whatsoever, that company must be thinking about the net effects of their work on the world.  The amplifying power of technology is so great that to not recognize our responsibility amounts to recklessness.  The good news is that if we can learn to harness technology toward more wholesome ends, our business is sure to thrive in the age of social media amplification.  

In this unique period where human awareness has so much potential to grow, we need to bring greater mind

Simultaneously, we are entering a period that demands greater level of global coordination and creativity are required to meet the growing complexity of the modern era.


Conscious Capitalism.  

Intuition meets Intellect.  

The interconnection between business and the broader environment have never been more obvious.  Whether it's fossil fuels, plastics, or our hunger for animal products, the things we consume ultimately consume us and our environment.  

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 9.37.08 PM.png

"Nature once determined how we survive.  Now we determine how nature survives. One of the thing's Darwin's work has taught us is that we break nature's connections at our peril, yet break them we do, at ever greater speed.  The impacts of our growing population and our consumption now directly threaten our own future...What we did to save the whales, we must do for all nature.  And that is a communications challenge as much as it is a scientific one.  "  - David Attenborough

Is Conscious Consulting for my company?

As we seek greater integrity in our lives, we eventually start to look more closely at the impact our work has in the world, it is essential that we take a closer at the things we tend to ignore.  While marketing and advertising has traditionally taught that we should airbrush out all imperfection to make our product acceptable,

Specifically, we need to look closer at all the things that are out of alignment with who we truly we are.   embellish and play fast and loose with our truth can be especially appealing. 

At the core of consulting philosophy is the belief that the world is hungry for wholeness and truth.  And if consumer culture isn't going anywhere then let's seek a civilization of conscious consumption.  

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" Do not judge the world as sick and turn away from it.  See the world as yourself and learn compassion for it." 

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