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In honor of our current stay-at-home lifestyles, I'm hosting weekly digital events that will be in place until sheltering-at-home is over.  If we're all going to be stuck indoors, we might as well be stuck together right? 

I include more details on each event below, but if you'd like to be included, please let me know in the form below

Thanks everybody.  

          Stay safe,


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Open Session
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Tuesdays @ 6:00pm PST

Open Session is a moderated dialogue that I usually host as part of Immersioneer, now held in digital form. Before every session, I circulate a topic that we'll be exploring together. During session, I get the conversation going and then let our collective intelligence lead the way to new insights and understanding. 


This is a great forum for anyone who is ready to contribute to a more meaningful dialogue than what we find on social media.  Come prepared to speak openly, listen deeply, and think big.

*Held via ZOOM

Evening Reading


Wednesdays @ 9PM


Step into my living room as I read from some of my favorite texts, teachers, and philosophers. Half the time, I'll read the straight text, and the other half I'll pepper in my own translation to make the meta-stuff make sense.    


This is perfect for anyone scratching their philosophical or spiritual side, or anyone who just likes being read to. ;)

*These will be pre-recorded, but released every Wednesday at 9pm on my Facebook page and Youtube.    

Events Sign-Up

If you want to get involved, please fill out the form below.  You can expect to receive an email the day of your selected events with all the relevant links and information you might need.


Hope to see you around the digital bonfire.  :) 


Count me in. 
Which digital events would you like to join?

Thanks for submitting!

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